December 28, 2012

My Christmas goodies

Finally! I can now post all the Christmas goodies I made!

Christmas cakes (9-inch round red velvet cakes)

Christmas sugar cookies 

Christmas sugar cookies on a stick decorated with fondant: snowman, Christmas stockings, and  Christmas bears

Santa's taking a picture of my Christmas sugar cookies in boxes.
Here's a peek at some of my Christmas cookies:

Rudolph's red nose is drying out

Gingerbread men!

I also did Christmas cupcakes, but they just had chocolate ganache and sprinkles on them. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry that I wasn't able to take pictures of them. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the non-baked goodies I gave away. They're cute!

Oreo cookies and chocolates (the ones in the red boxes are the ganache-covered cupcakes)

More cookies and chocolates

Christmas stockings that I filled with cookies, chocolates, and coins

I am not yet done with  my Christmas baking. I still have a batch of cupcakes to make! 

Merry Christmas!

December 21, 2012

December baking marathon update

How long have I been gone?

I've ignored my blog for three weeks (last post on December 1 and it's now December 21). So what happened?

Well, I had to bake a wedding cake (three tiers on a ginormous platform covered in fondant) without electricity during the first week of the month. Along with the cake, I made 150 cupcakes as wedding souvenirs. I made 4 dozens of royal icing covered sugar cookies plus 2 dozens of fondant-decorated sugar cookies on December 14. I gave five boxes of sugar cookies (7 to 8 pieces of big and small cookies in each box) to my friends last December 15. I also had to come up with 100 pairs of Christmas sugar cookies and 25 cupcakes and 25 cookies that are rockstar inspired last December 16. I had 10 more boxes (7 cookies each) last December 18. Not only that! On the same day, I had to deliver 30 sugar cookies, 20 cupcakes, and a two-tier chocolate cake that were all ballerina-inspired for my friends' daughter. On December 19, a client ordered four dozens of blank snowman-shaped sugar cookies. Today, another customer ordered 10 boxes of sugar cookies, plus tomorrow I have to make 100 cupcakes for a wedding. I also just made 3 dozens of cupcakes and four boxes of sugar cookies for my husband's family reunion on Sunday.

Take those figures, plus-minus extra cookies that broke off/were damaged and excess cupcakes (I lost count).

WOW! I probably baked close to 600 sugar cookies and close to 300 cupcakes as of today. I did a lot of baking.

I feel like Superwoman!

December 01, 2012

December Bake Marathon

Yay! It's December 1! It means that busy season is here!

Actually I've been pretty busy these past few days. I joined a bazaar at the mall. I have a small spot in my friend's booth. Since I am a one-woman bakery, it's mostly for promotion purposes. I am not really looking at a large profit from there since I cannot produce enough to sell a lot. It's just an avenue for me to tell people in the city that "hey! I'm here, and I might start a bakery next year, so watch out for me."

My right hand has been working so hard these past few days. It's currently overworked and very tired. I had a massage last night and I took vitamin B with iron so that I could rest well. I'll rest it for a few hours, then I'll go back to baking by noon time. I have two small cakes for tomorrow, and 150 cupcakes plus a big wedding cake for Saturday. SO HELP ME GOD!

So here's what I made for the bazaar:
Fondant decorated snowmen (and christmas stocking) sugar cookies...great for  giveaways!

Fondant decorated sugar cookies
Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing...great for giveaways

Mini cupcakes

It's a Pooh Christmas!

Merry Christmas!