June 25, 2012

Catch-up post: projects from week of June 18 to 24

I've been very busy in the past week with my baking projects, online jobs, and a sick husband. Aside from that, I've been feeling quite weak last week, so I have not been able to post anything. Here's my catch-up post for all of my projects right after Father's Day.

Cupcakes for your OB-GYN (June 18)
My high school best friend Crislei gave birth two weeks ago, and she wanted to thank her doctor when she returned for her followup checkup. Here's what I did for her (pardon the picture quality):

Doctor Teddy Bear
Preggy women and teddy bear doctors
I think the preggy toppers are so cute.
Yup! You are adorable!
Hello Kitty Party (June 23)
My high school classmate Kim asked me to make Hello Kitty cupcakes and cookies for her niece.

Hello Kitty face cookies

Hello Kitty full-body cookies

Hello Kitty cupcakes with hand-made fondant toppers
All the cupcake toppers were handmade with the use of Hello Kitty molds. As for the cookies, I had to print out a template then I cutout each piece from the though with the use of a sharp knife. 

Strawberry cookies (June 24)
Strawberry cookies for a Strawberry Shortcake themed party.
The color flow used to decorate these cookies were flavored with strawberry.
Mahjong-themed cupcakes (June 24)
Another high school classmate, Irene, asked me to make these Mahjong-themed cupcakes for her mom's birthday.

It was a really busy week for me. I'll be taking a break, then I'll be back by the end of this week for basketball-themed cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for my dad and sister's joint birthday party at the end of the week. Until then! Ciao!

June 18, 2012

My Father's Day projects

Check out these Father's Day cupcakes/cakes that I made. I made airsoft-themed and biking-themed cupcakes and a superman -themed cake.
Skin head

Check out the expression of the figure at the back!

"Hiding behind the bushes"

Biking-themed cupcakes

June 14, 2012

My girly-girl cake

The daughter of my friend Jyndette recently celebrated her 7th birthday, and I was asked to make a girly-girl cake that would showcase everything that a little lady would love to have. Here are some pictures courtesy of the birthday girl's mom!

Yummy treats for the birthday girl

The cake features a black and pink purse, a pink sandal, makeup, a necklace and a ring, and  a pink (old school) cell phone! 

June 09, 2012

Garden-themed cupcakes

Here's my latest project: garden-themed cupcakes. I loved making them! Look at this happy bunch of characters I made:
Deliriously happy bunny

Fondant toppers 

Mushroom, snail and lady bug (at the back), turtle, frog

Froggy and turtle

Froggy and turtle pic #2

Mushroom, snail, lady bug


Another happy bunny

"Woohoo!" says the bunny

Ready to be fill you up!

June 05, 2012

"You can buy your happiness from me"

My Facebook friend Michelle posted this on her profile, and I thought it was a very truthful statement:

So, I've been selling happiness all this time, huh? Good to know that I supply the world with some form of happiness.

By the way, here's a better photo of my "Thank You" cupcakes courtesy of the recipient. I used it as my blog's background. Definitely another reason to thank her for. 

Thanks Tita Hermz!

Baking projects for June 4

I made simple "Thank You" cupcakes and a garden-themed birthday cake yesterday. Check the pictures out.

Say "Thank You!" in a sweet and colorful way

The lady bug and the bee want to say "Happy Birthday!"

Lady bug: up close and personal

Bumble bee: up close and personal

June 01, 2012

My "Up" inspired cake

I made a second cake for my birthday, and it is inspired by the movie "Up." I just love the concept of a flying house with thousands of balloons. I didn't have a lot of time to make this cake. I hurriedly made this early last Saturday morning. Anyway, here it is:
The bottom layer is 7 inches round the top layer is 6 inches round, but the difference in size is barely noticeable. 

Top view

After I made my Boston Celtics cake, I made some Angry Birds cookies (I used royal icing to decorate). Since I had some extra cookie dough, I made myself a Rondo cookie.

My Angry Birds cookies
My Rajon Rondo cookie.
That's it! I'm done with my birthday baking!