June 09, 2012

Garden-themed cupcakes

Here's my latest project: garden-themed cupcakes. I loved making them! Look at this happy bunch of characters I made:
Deliriously happy bunny

Fondant toppers 

Mushroom, snail and lady bug (at the back), turtle, frog

Froggy and turtle

Froggy and turtle pic #2

Mushroom, snail, lady bug


Another happy bunny

"Woohoo!" says the bunny

Ready to be fill you up!


  1. Yay! 1st follower! I feel so special~ your cupcakes are fantastic!

  2. Wow! Thanks for being my first follower! I am the one who should feel special! Finally, someone is interested in my posts! Thanks! I hope you become the first of hundreds or thousands of followers!


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