October 19, 2013

My first ruffled wedding cake

Post update! I finally got some decent pictures of this cake from the bride! Check out the collage!

(Photo credit: Niquo Fernandez)

ivory and pink ruffled wedding cake

October is a busy month for me, as usual. I had three wedding cakes this month, and one of them was ruffled. I was so excited to make the cake after seeing the peg my client sent.

ruffled wedding cake
Everyday I'm ruffling!

I never learned my lesson. I actually underestimated the amount of time and effort required to complete a ruffled tier. How could I when I painstakingly labored over this cute ruffled Barbie cake I made last month? I actually undercharged for this cake, but it's okay since it was my first time to do this type of design. Well, I won't forget to get myself properly compensated the next time somebody asks for something like this!

To make matters worse, I was thrown off schedule because of that 7.2 earthquake last Tuesday (see the cake I made on the day of the earthquake here)! Plus the aftershocks kept coming and made me perpetually dizzy! Despite all the setbacks, I am proud that I was able to complete my cake.

Pardon the picture though. I was not able to take a proper photo of the cake (and cupcakes), and I am still waiting for the client to send me copies of the photo of my work. Anyway, I did manage to snap a shot. 

ruffled wedding cake in old rose
This is the best shot I got. This shows the two bottom tiers only.
I love ruffles even if they are labor-intensive and time-consuming. I'd use ruffles (especially pink ones) over and over again!

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