October 17, 2013

Caking while it's quaking!

Caking, just like basketball, never stops. This is what I believe in.

Despite experiencing a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last Tuesday (it was intensity 6 in Dumaguete), I had to press on and go on with my caking activities. Why? Because I have one birthday cake, two weddings cakes, and 80 cookies scheduled for this week!

So never mind if there are already close to a thousand aftershocks that shook us between Tuesday morning and today, the cake must go on!!!
simple buttercream disney cars cake
Buttercream frosted chocolate fudge cake with fondant details
This cake was due on the morning of October 16. Thankfully, I was able to bake the cake on the afternoon of the 14th. But after experiencing the earthquake inside my car (total Shake, Rattle, and Roll experience, literally!), I got "seasick" and dizzy for the rest of the day on the 15th. Each aftershock was nauseating, seriously. I couldn't bring myself to get to work and bake another sheet of cake (this was supposed to be twice as thick). Plus, our electricity was on and off! So I texted my customer (who was pretty shaken herself), and asked her permission so that I can simplify the design. And so I whipped up this very simple but adorable Disney Cars cake. Not bad, considering the circumstances, right?

Happy Birthday, King! I hope you liked your cake!

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