April 03, 2013

Sponge Bob topper tutorial

One of my dreams is to be as good as those bakers/cake decorators who create and share very useful tutorials on their blogs. I wish I would become as good as they are that novice and experienced bakers turn to them for ideas and solutions. Well I guess I still got a long way to go, but hey! Why don't I fake it until I make it? You have to be who you want to be, right? I want to be one of the best, so I am going to act like I'm one of the best. It's all in the attitude.

With that said, here's my second tutorial ever, the first one posted here on my blog. My first tutorial was how to make an Agent Oso 2D face, which I posted on Facebook. This time it's going to be a 2D Sponge Bob topper tutorial. I'm really wishing that there are people out there who don't have any idea on how to make Sponge Bob toppers.

Drumroll please!!!

These are the tools that you will need: round cutters, square cutter with scalloped edges, round icing tips for the smaller circles, brushes for cleaning up the fondant pieces and for applying water to glue pieces together, fondant modelling tools especially the half circle and ball tips. Make sure that your large circle cutter is as big as the top of your cupcake. You will also need yellow, white, and blue fondant, a black food writer OR black royal icing.
Cut out your fondant pieces: one Sponge Bob face will be a circle to cover a cupcake, the other one will be in Sponge Bob's natural shape to serve as a standing topper. 

Let's now make the eyes. Cut two white circles and two smaller blue circles.

Stick the blue circle over the white. Using a black edible marker or black royal icing, place a black dot in the middle of the blue circle to serve as the pupils of Sponge Bob's eye.
Get a small piece of yellow fondant and roll a small tubular shape to serve as the nose. You can stick a  small piece of toothpick through it to make it stand. Also cut a small rectangular shape of white fondant to serve as teeth. Press a line in the middle to white rectangle to make it look like two teeth showing out of his mouth. Assemble the pieces as shown. Use black food marker or black royal icing to place details (eyelashes and lip line). Take your ball tip fondant modelling tools and randomly press all over his face to give him a spongy look.

Here's how Sponge Bob should look like at this point. This piece is now ready to go on top of a cupcake.

Now for the Sponge Bob shape face. After cutting a square piece of yellow fondant, tilt your cutters at an angle  to cut the sides. Use the scallops as a guide. For this shape, I took the corner-most scallop as a reference and aligned the cutter to the end of the second scallop at the lower side. This means that you take out two scallops from each end at the lower side. 

Here's how it should look after cutting out the sides. Insert a toothpick for support. Follow the steps shown above in assembling the details of the face.

Here's the finished product! Search online for different Sponge Bob expressions. 

I hope you all find this useful. Let me know!

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