January 10, 2013

Barney and Dora cake

I've been doing a lot of catching up lately. Here's a couple of cakes that I did in early December, but I never got to share them on time.

This is as "Dora" as I can get her to be.

Dora and Barney


Two of my most hated characters are Dora and Barney, so yes! These cakes were very difficult for me to make. I think I've already discussed my utter dislike of Barney in a previous post. It is for the same reason that I hate Dora: they are both so ugly (in my eyes) that they become so difficult for me to make. Ugh! Pardon me Barney and Dora lovers, but I am not a fan. They are two of the most irritating cartoon characters ever (and so is Ben 10)!

I scoured the internet for a Dora tutorial (I already did a Barney cake before, so he was easier to model), and I luckily found one (sorry, I forgot where I found it, but if I do remember, I'll share it here). The tutorial was fairly easy; the challenging part, though, was finding the exact spot to place the features of her face. Anyway, I managed. I even think my Dora is a little cute even if she's not as Dora as she should be. 

It doesn't matter if I hated these characters. What matters is that the client loved the cakes. They were a success!

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