November 24, 2012

A week late: last Saturday's other cakes

This is so overdue, but I've been so busy. I made these cake and cupcakes last Saturday (together with the candyland theme cake that I featured in an earlier post), but I only got the time to blog about them now.

Well, I've already taken a picture of the Pooh and friends cupcake toppers for last Saturday, but I didn't get a chance to show you my Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ toppers.

I can never understand why kids love Barney. I never liked him. I don't like purple things...and eggplants. His face is so simple that it's too difficult to make. But anyway, I think I did a pretty good job here with him, and with his friends Baby Bop and BJ. I managed to make them look cute!

My other project last Saturday was a small sports-themed christening cake for Izyl Alxndru. 

I just love this cake! I think the bear is so adorable, and the little balls are too cute!!!

Until my next post!

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