August 19, 2012

August project: yup, another catch-up post

Why can't I ever update my blog on time? It's because I have a lot of things to do. All the time.

Anyway, here's what I've been up to lately since my last post.

Cakepops experiment

I haven't been successful in my attempts to make cakepops...not until last August 9. It isn't really perfect yet, but it's better than my last trials, especially when it comes to melting chocolate.

A few lessons I picked up:
*Since my microwave oven doesn't have a digital timer that I can set (only time and temperature dials), I'll have to set the temp at "defrost" place the chocolate in for one minute, take it out and stir, then place it back again. I'll place it inside the oven thrice for a minute each at this temperature setting.

*I have to make my cakepops smaller so that they don't "bow" down.

Here's the pic of what I made. The finish isn't smooth because I didn't melt enough chocolate to cover the pops when I dipped them in the bowl. I had to "spoon" the choco over the pops.

Mickey cookies
Mickey Mouse is a very popular theme with kids. I made another batch of Mickey cookies. Here they are:

Hand-painted sugar cookies

I tried painting on the royal icing to achieve another effect.
These cookies look like figures in a coloring book!

I think they are cute and whimsical.


Corporate giveaways for MeadJohnson
Now this one was challenging! I had to make six pieces in one day according to specifications sent by MeadJohnson.

Baby shower cupcakes
I finally got to use my silicon faces mold. I had a lot of fun making these cuties.

I hope you liked my sweet stuff.!


  1. lol i was just thinking about when will you be posting again, when you answered the question on this post.

    1. I have a new post! I'm sure you can relate...


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