September 17, 2012

Strawberry-themed cupcakes, running-themed cake, and sugar cookies!

As usual, I have bee quite busy with all the things that I have to juggle (online job, baking, and cleaning up after my mess). As usual, this is another catch-up post.

Let's begin with my sugar cookie project last Friday. It's just a simple one.

For Saturday, I had to make 40 pieces with five different designs of strawberry-themed cupcakes. 

First batch of toppers that I made

For Sunday, I had two projects. The first was a running-themed cake from a boyfriend for his girlfriend who'll be leaving the country. 
Here's what's inside the cake 

This is a 6-inch round 4-inch thick rainbow vanilla cake
This cake says: "I will miss you my running buddy."

Details: pink sneakers on the highway with grass and flower details and the sweethearts' logo

Featuring my special packaging for cakes that are meant as gifts

My next project for yesterday are Dora and Boots sugar cookies. These really gave me a lot of trouble. They were hard to draw, but I guess I pulled through. My friend (and her kids) were pretty pleased.

Asian Dora according to my sister


Looking forward to next week!

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