May 19, 2013

Lalaloopsy cake and the lessons I learned

I finally had the chance to make a Lalaloopsy birthday cake for a girl turning 8 years old. I must say that I was excited with this project. I've always wanted to try a Lalaloopsy doll. I think they're cute. Plus, buttons and stitches fascinate me a lot. I love incorporating a stitching texture/pattern in my designs.

Jewel Sparkles fondant figure
Meet Jewel Sparkles and her pet cat

I'm pretty happy with how my fondant figure turned out. I am also happy with the letter patches that I made. They had different patterns and colors. I think they are really cute. However, I had major problems when I covered the actual cake.

(1) I ran out of Tylose powder, which I use to make my fondant more stable and prevent it from tearing. I visited all the stores that sell baking supplies in the city, but each one ran out of Tylose too.
(2) It was too hot when I made this cake. We don't have air conditioning in our kitchen. My fondant was sweating like crazy!!!

Jewel Sparkles cake

See the cracks and the wrinkles? I was really stressed over those! My cake would have been perfect if they didn't happen! I don't want this to ever happen again, so I immediately contacted my online suppliers and ordered a kilo of tylose powder. One thing that I should really watch out for is running low on supplies and ingredients. I should never allow it to happen again. 

Thankfully, the birthday girl still enjoyed her birthday cake. I was so relieved!

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