February 05, 2013

New Valentine cookie designs

I came up with more designs for my Valentines cookies! I just love brainstorming for ideas and being playful and creative. I LOVE WHAT I DO! The only downside is that, if I don't feel inspired, I don't do anything at all. I could waste days psyching myself to think up of new designs.

Anyway, here's batch two of my Valentines cookies. I call it the "Honey Bee Mine' set.

I still plan to make a similar set that I'll call "Be my Ladybug."

Here's my third set. I call it "I only have eyes for you."

The names are not so original, I know. I saw them somewhere while doing research, but I made my own version. 

I had so much fun making these! I wanna make more!


  1. nice designs khai...:) looks yummy too...hehe


  2. order na grah! free delivery to teletech :)


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