February 27, 2013

My Special Agent Oso birthday goodies

Last Sunday, I made a Special Agent Oso cake and cookie pops for three-year-old Gabriel. I was very proud of the cake! After all, I had to sculpt Oso out of fondant, and I didn't find any tutorial to assist me. But in the end, I got a cute Agent Oso figure that looked a lot like the real thing. I checked the internet for photos, and I could say that I did a pretty good job on it. I found a lot of pictures that turned Oso into a mouse from a bear.

Here are some of the pictures:

This is me with the Agent Oso cookie pops that I made.

Gabriel's cake is chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache filling covered with vanilla buttercream.

Gabriel's mom gave me a reference photo to follow for the design. The original cake was covered in fondant with more details. I had to omit the other details when I made my buttercream version.

"Happy Birthday Gabriel"

Agent Oso and the lady bug (I forgot that the lady bug was carrying a flashlight! I made one though, just before I delivered the cake).

I don't even know the names of these characters. Hahaha!

I did not have any tutorial to properly guide me in making Oso's face and the figure. So I made a tutorial! It's my first ever! It's on my Facebook page, and you can check it if you need help in making Oso.

Here's a semi-tutorial on the Agent Oso figure on the cake:

Oso's body was form by rolling the fondant into a bowling pin shape.

I used the same technique from my 2D Oso face tutorial on this 3D figure, but I added small white dots on the eyes. I also carved a mouth inside the white diamond figure and added a small heart-shaped fondant as the tongue.

I am so sorry if I haven't completed the 3D Oso figure tutorial. I was in a rush to get the figure done! I promise to make better tutorials in the future.

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