January 06, 2013

My first wedding cake

This is a very late post. It's been almost a month since I made my first ever wedding cake. I've made stuff for a wedding before, but my friend made the cake and I just made the cupcake giveaways. This time, however, I made everything on my own with the help of my  husband.

It was for my husband's cousin's wedding last December 8. They wanted three tiers of cake placed separately on a wide base that I had to cover in fondant. In the middle of the base, a pool was carved out, which I filled up with baker's gel tinted blue. Over the pool was a bridge with one of the cake tiers on top. It was supposed to mimic the landscape of the reception venue.

Making the cake was very challenging. I had to make 150 cupcakes along with the three tiers of cake plus the base. I had very limited help, plus I made it while typhoon Pablo was raging hard...then we lost electricity before I could even start baking.

So how did I go about the job? Well, my husband took out our Kia's battery and hooked it up to an inverter so that I could get my mixer going. When the battery was running low, he took his cousin's truck so we can use it as a power source. Finally just before we could finish the cake, he took his cousin's generator when they got their electricity back so that I could go on working (note: we lost power for the next 10 days).

Anyway, I was able to successfully finish the cakes and cupcakes despite the insane weather and lack of electricity and with the help of my dear husband (who realized that rolling out fondant was a tough job). Here are some photos that I grabbed from one of my husband's cousins. She dedicated a special album for my work.
This is me with my cake and cupcakes.

The "pool" has a capacity of 22 liters. To cut costs, my husband inserted styrofoam into the pool and reduced the capacity to just 8 liters of bakers gel.

Front view. Cake details: One 12-inch round by 4-inch thick chocolate fudge cake with choco buttercream filling, one 10-inch round by 4-inch thick tier and one 12-inch round by 4-inch thick tier of red velvet cakes with cream cheese filling

Cupcakes: streusel sponge that was light, fluffy, and  smelled sweetly of cinnamon with vanilla buttercream  frosting

It was a tough week, but I pulled it off! I could say that I did a very good job on my first wedding cake given the challenging circumstances. Plus my fondant was perfect! It was very stable. It's a good thing that I thought of making my fondant the week before I started the cake, so it was able to set properly. I can't help but be proud of my masterpiece!

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