January 14, 2013

Birthday cakes

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday last January 5, but she doesn't look like it. Most people think she's in her late 40's/early 50's. The funniest thing was that the cake I made her was so inappropriate for her age. It was a kid's cake, inspired by the game Bubble Mania on my sister's iPad. She's addicted to the game! Every night, she demands that the iPad be "turned over" to her so that she can play, and she gets mad if my sister has to recharge it. Because she just loves to burst bubbles, she asks me to hand over my Galaxy Note so that she can play with the Android version called Bubble Shooter. Because of that, I decided that her cake for her party at the office be a Bubble Mania-inspired cake.

Chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache cake, 10 inch x 14 inch  x 1 inch. This cake is decorated with jelly balls and chocolate-coated jelly

Last December 27, I made a Cinderella-inspired birthday cake for a seven-year-old girl. It's a two-tier chocolate cake. The base is 12 inches round by 4 inches thick. The top tier is 6 inches round and 5 inches thick. I used my new diamond impression mat on the bottom tier and decorated the top tier with swags (never thought I could pull it off). I placed a Cinderella figurine on top and made a fondant Jacq and a clock about to strike 12.

"Hurry Cinderella! It's 10 minutes before 12!"

As for today, I delivered two birthday cakes. Actually I delivered three cakes within the past 24 hours. I was commissioned by one of the top events coordinators in the city (W.E.D.) to make a three-tier fondant covered chocolate cake (14-10-6 inches, each tier 4 inches thick) for a debut yesterday afternoon. I don't have a picture of the cake since I didn't get to decorate it. They were the ones who took care of placing the non-edible decor on the cake. I was told that it was a Venetian-themed party, so there were feathers and bling. Maybe they'll tag me on the final picture of the cake, so I can share it here.

Early this morning, I delivered a hot pink and emerald green (it's the color of the year according the girl's mom) Barbie cake. I'm quite proud of it actually. 

Moist chocolate cake was used for the base and fudgy chocolate for the skirt. The doll is a fake Barbie (only 59 pesos, would you believe?), but she's a very pretty version.

My second cake for today was an 8-inch round 5-inch thick red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. This is for a pool cake party. This is not my original design. This was based on a design sent by the mom (a returning customer), but I just changed some of the elements.

Cake is covered in buttercream. Only the details are in fondant. Isn't this a happy cake?

After the last 24 hours, I am just so tired. Time for a massage!

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