January 15, 2013

Arm candy galore!

So I am back to beading.

Finally, my sister realized how lucky she is to have me as a sister because she can make all the arm candies that she wants. I have a big box full of beads, strings, cords, charms, and findings from my beading days. All she needs to do is ask, and she can have all the arm candies she wants. After all these years, this reality finally dawned on her. What's more is that she decided to start selling too. That is why I've reopened my chest full of beading goodies, and I even bought some new supplies.
My new beads
I made a few bracelets combining my old and new supplies.


Black, white, and gold set

Colorful! (watch not included)
Here's a screenshot of my sister's Instagram page. She's happily modeling  her arm candies.

I'll be making more stuff tomorrow. Excited!

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