November 14, 2012

Sugar cookies and royal icing rosettes

The daughter of one of my best friends will be celebrating her seventh birthday this Saturday. I'm going to make her a bunch of goodies. I just started making sugar cookiepops for her. I prettified them with sprinkles. Here they are:

I usually use the Wilton Colorflow recipe to decorate the cookies, but today I decided to try out just how hard the royal icing recipe will dry out. It limited my creativity since royal icing is stiffer and dries out faster, and I had to use a spatula to spread it out. However, it was the perfect recipe to secure the popsicle sticks that I used.

Anyway, I had a lot of left over royal icing. It was the perfect time for me to practice piping ribbon rosettes. I learned it from reading SweetSugarBelle's tutorial. I took out my newly bought flower nail and started piping. Unfortunately, I really suck at it. But in my defense, it was my first time to try it. I believe practice makes perfect, so I should still be able to improve.

I'll keep you posted about my royal icing ribbon rosettes progress!

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