November 10, 2012

Spiderman and Avengers themed birthday cake and cupcakes

I do a lot of research online, and I see a lot of pictures of cakes that I would like to make someday. Just last month, I saw this cute Spiderman cake photo by The Cake Fairy, and I told myself that I would like to make this cake one day. I just had to wait for someone to ask me to do it.

My friend Karen was the one who asked me to do it for the 4th birthday of her son Dondee. She gave me another design, which used a round cake, but it was still a Spiderman cake, so I still got so excited. I really wanted to try making a Spiderman figure. 

It was quite challenging, but I found the perfect tutorial from one of my favorite websites, Lovely Tutorials. I immediately went to work to make my very own Spiderman figure. It was quite difficult, but I think I did a very good job at it.

Look who's got a tight ass!

I always put a twist on my cakes. I may have looked at another cake decorator's work for the design, but I change a few things and add a few details to make the cake uniquely mine.
This is the original design

Here's my version
As for the cupcakes, I made two sets: Spiderman-themed cupcakes and Avengers-themed cupcakes. (I didn't know that Spidey was a member of the Avengers! I found it on Wikipedia while doing research for this project.)

Spiderman and Avengers cupcakes

Hulk's green fist just went through the orange brick wall!

Spiderman toppers
A few problems I encountered: I had a hard time making Iron Man's face, and the Hulk's fist was challenging as well. But I guess I did well.

The cake was a red velvet cake with cream cheese filling and covered with chocolate buttercream before covering it with fondant. There were two types of cupcakes: Boston Creme and Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry and honey filling.

Until my next set of goodies!

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