November 18, 2012

Candyland-themed party for Allyssa

It's been a very busy week for me. Yesterday, I made some goodies for my inaanak's seventh birthday, plus I had other orders. I'll talk about the other stuff I made later. For now, let me talk about Allyssa's seventh birthday party.

My friend Aurel (Allyssa's mom) and I have been toying with the idea of starting a small events business for children. She'd take care of the physical setup, and I would take care of all the sweets. We agreed to practice on her daughter's birthday. It was a total labor of love, especially for her. She made everything from the juice labels, invitations, cupcake toppers, cookiepop holders, and even the balloon centerpiece, which was placed beside the cake!

Here's how Allyssa's candyland-themed buffet table looked like:

Here are the stuff I made for the party:

Up close and personal: Allyssa's candyland-themed cake

Allyssa's cake on display during her birthday party

The three tiers of this cake are all chocolate layers with strawberry buttercream filling. The colorful strip at the edge of the bottom tier is made up of rainbow sour strips. I also used gumballs, candy-coated jellies, and sugar-coated jellies. I decided to use real candy so that kids would have fun picking the cake apart. Plus, there would be a myriad of flavors and textures incorporated in the cake. If I used candy-shaped fondant decors, there wouldn't be any variety. It would just be plain sweet.

Allyssa's birthday cupcakes
The cupcakes have a surprise inside: strawberry cream Oreos! I'm sure the kids weren't expecting the treat when they bit into the cupcake.

These are actually Oreo cookie pops

A little labeling error here. These are actually Oreo cookie pops, which I explained in an earlier blog post.

Sugar cookies on a popsicle stick

The birthday girl with her friends
I'm already looking forward to Allyssa's next birthday party. In the meantime, Aurel and I are getting ready for our barkada's Christmas party. She's decorating, and I'll take care of the goodies! Excited!

Photo op with friends (from L to R): Aurel, April, Crislei, and me
Photo credits: All photos (except that of the sugar cookies) courtesy of Aurel (grabbed from her FB account).

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