October 08, 2012

Under the sea cupcakes

A client asked me to make cupcakes that would complement a Little Mermaid-themed cake. Here's what I came up with:

I had help from my friend Arnie in molding the sea shells and Flounder's base. She came over to learn how to work with fondant, and she was a very willing apprentice. 

Oh, and I also cheated with the sea horse and Sebastian's body. I used my sea life mold on them too. Actually, even the cute starfish was molded. Only Flounder was sculpted entirely.

Anyway, these cupcakes look perfect in the picture, but after I placed them in the box and brought them to the car, an accident happened. The bottom of the box wasn't very sturdy and folded in so my cupcakes went tumbling inside. I had to clean them up and refrost them. I hate cake emergencies!!!

Anyway, here's another batch of Pooh toppers that I delivered this morning. As I said, it's Pooh month this October. I am just getting started with him and his friends. I feel like I could sculpt them while closing my eyes. Really.

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