October 28, 2012

Superman and Halloween sugar cookies

I made sugar cookies earlier this week!

Here they are!

Halloween shapes made from excess cookie dough and royal icing from Superman cookies

All dried up!

Me adding faces before eating them

Ready to eat!

I've been making cookies for a long time but this is the first time that I got the right consistency for the royal icing. I've been using the Wilton Color Flow recipe since I began making sugar cookies, but it never came out perfectly just as they did when I made this batch. I think it must be because of the plastic squeeze bottle that I used. But then again, when I used a pastry bag and a steel icing tip, the royal icing still flowed smoothly unlike before. I still couldn't figure out what I had done differently this time. I hope I get the same results when I make my next batch of sugar cookies!

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