October 25, 2012

Shabby chic cupcakes

Last Tuesday, I've been asked to make shabby chic cupcakes. I knew immediately that I should have some fondant roses. However, that's one of my weaknesses. I can't make flowers the right way. I bought of cutters and an instruction book, but any fondant flower that needs to be assembled (that means it is composed of more than one flower shape and arranged around a stamen) is way beyond my capabilities at this point. I watched countless tutorials and racked my brains to device a plan so that I can come up with an acceptable looking fondant rose. Thankfully, I was able to think of  a way to make fondant roses (I'm planning to come up with my first ever tutorial for this one), and here are my shabby chic cupcakes.
A closer look at my fondant roses

I think I made a pretty bunch of cupcakes! I am happy!

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