October 07, 2012

Lightning McQueen cake for Liam

Yesterday, I made a Lightning McQueen cake for a four-year-old boy, who was jumping up and down when I arrived at their house to deliver his cake. I got instructions on how to properly mold the car from http://www.lovelytutorials.com/forum/

Dull red right? Let's make it shiny!

McCormick red food color plus McCormick strawberry flavoring equals bright red car

I love the cactus that I made...and the two wheels

Top view...letters are too big...my new cutters will arrive tomorrow

Front view

Side view
From the looks of it, the recipient was very satisfied with what he got. Check out the FB picture that his mom took of him while "murdering" his cake.

Oh! I love it when I see client's reactions!

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