September 29, 2012

Nursing-themed cake

It was my friend Daphne's birthday yesterday, and she commissioned me to make a nursing-themed cake for her. This has gathered quite a lot of fans of Facebook. I am so proud!

Happy birthday, Nurse Daphne!

Pills and band aids all around the cake 

Band aid


I made a sphygmomanometer!
My favorite part of this cake are the pills and band aid. They look real to me! And of course, the sphygmomanometer! 

I'm taking a break this weekend, then I am off to another fondant frenzy for the rest of the month of October! I've got quite a lot of orders. Thank God for all these blessings!

Until my next post.

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  1. I love the sphygmomanometer, khy.

    just me,


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