September 27, 2012

Lakers-themed cake

I should make a new album in my Facebook account and name it "NBA cakes." This is the fourth I've made this year: the first one was my Celtics birthday cake, a Miami Heat cake and a Chicago Bulls cake for my dad and sister's joint birthday celebration, and this time a Lakers-themed cake for my friend's dad.

Without further ado, here's my Lakers cake:
For a 61-year-old Kobe Bryant fan

From Belle, Niq, Lady, Bem, and Bing for their Dad

Inside the box

There are a few things that I would like to note:
  • The ball is very shiny despite the fact that I used Satin Ice gumpaste for that. It's been raining all week, thus making it challenging for gumpaste to set.
  • My homemade fondant plus tylose paste was a whole lot better than ready-made gumpaste. It didn't turn to liquid upon touch. Note to self, use up that 5lb gallon of Satin Ice in the kitchen and never buy another gallon again!
Watch out for my upcoming cake projects!

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