September 10, 2012

I wanna keep on baking!

Baking and cake/cookie decorating are actually labor-intensive activities. Contrary to what most people think, cake decorators don't have magic wands to whip up whatever design their clients want. After a day of making my sweet treats, I really feel very exhausted, with aching back and hands.

However, on days when I don't have any scheduled orders, I can't stop thinking about baking. On my days off (so that I could regain strength to roll that fondant and to let my creative juices flow back), I browse the internet to research for design ideas and tips. I spend my waking hours thinking about my next project. Sometimes, even when I am too tired, I want to bake even if there's really no occasion. However, on days like this, I would prioritize my rest, so I'd really just imagine creating sweet treats.

I can't seem to stop. I am officially addicted. I need this addiction though. I need to keep on going so that I'll get better with my craft.

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