August 20, 2012

I'm all for customer satisfaction and customer service, BUT...

Before I started baking, I spent 4 years and 6 months in the customer service industry. I was a tech support agent for the first 6 months, after which I spent the next 4 years as a team leader/supervisor. I've managed and mentored my team successfully for those four years. I've spent my waking and sleeping moments thinking about CSAT scores, FCR, choice of words, all those things that make the customer's experience awesome.

Now what has this got to do with baking and my current business? I am merely stating that considering my background, good customer service is ingrained in me. I have used what I learned from my experience to properly deal with customers and make sure that they are happy at all times. However, there are just customers that are too demanding. It seems that they don't know what they are asking for.

I am willing "to go an extra mile" for my customers. After all, they are the source of my current income. I owe them my success. However, some of them are beyond unreasonable. They're paying a very minimal price, yet they are asking for the sun and the moon. Come on! I am running a business! I am not running a charitable institution! I've spent time, effort, and a whole of energy on what I do.

I've learned from other bakers that it is wise to be selective of your customers. I've learned that from my previous job as well. Why continue to have a business relationship with people who abuse your kindness? I don't want to short-sell myself. I will only cater to those who respect my talent and my energy and to those who are reasonable enough to set the proper expectations regarding what they want when they place their orders.

I am really really really mad right now! I just want to lash out. However, I am a professional, and so I will be polite in dealing with this certain customer. Just this one last order, and that's it. I'll refuse you next time, or charge you exactly what I should be charging you and not short-sell myself ever again.

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