August 26, 2012

"Happy Birthday Tortle", assorted sugar cookies, some more of Angry Birds and Mickey Mouse

I always have to do catch-up posts. That's a given. 

To start off, let me show you my "Happy Birthday Tortle" cupcake topperss. I made them for my friend Nancy, who asked them to be made for Jean (also my friend), whom she calls "Tortle." These cupcake toppers are a version of my Happy Bunch toppers, but with more turtles this time. 

Next up: sugar cookies!!!

I think these cute cookies will brighten up anyone's day.

Due to a kitchen emergency that delayed my production time, these Care Bears cookies that I brought to  the christening of my friend's son are faceless. 

Another version of Mickey Mouse cookies

Mickey, up close and personal

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, here are some of the cupcakes that I made for Tristan, the little boy who had a Mickey-themed party today.

Last but not the least, more Angry Birds! 

Whatcha looking at?

And that, my friends, is the end of today's post. More baking to come!

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