August 02, 2012

Bad weather projects: bumblebees, red devil's eye cake, and Mickey Mouse

I love bees! They make me happy. I finally got to make a bumblebee cake last week.
Bumblebee topper  made of crispy treats and marshmallows

Here's the bumblebee on top of a 7-inch round, 6-inch thick red devil's eye cake

Happy bumblebee cupcake toppers...aren't they adorable?

Here they are on top of the cupcakes

Cupcakes for Chas Gedser's first birthday
The weather was really bad last week. It rained the entire week, and it didn't help that the cold wind was constantly blowing. My supplier ran out of Peotraco Gummix, which was essential in giving stability to the fondant. I was in a panic! I finally decided to give marshmallow fondant a try, and I could say that it was definitely better than my regular recipe although it was tougher and more difficult to knead. But it held its shape and wasn't quite as affected by the weather than my regular recipe. For the giant bumblebee topper, I added 2 tablespoons of tylose powder to my recipe. The end result was a really stable and unaffected cake topper, but the excess fondant (or maybe it was already gumpaste) was too tough for me to use. I discarded it, but I was happy with how things went.

The weather was really a killer last week and this week. The strong winds damaged power lines, and I couldn't work for days! My mother-in-law asked me to make a thank-you cake for her ophthalmologist, which was supposed to be a fondant eye chart that read "Thank you." However, since I can't melt my marshmallows because power was in an "on again/off again mode," I decided to do a quick and easy buttercream frosting for my red devil's eye cake. 
This caught the attention of my FB friend: red devil's eye cake with chocolate buttercream garnished with white choco chips

The weather was a lot better today, and I was able to make a Mickey Mouse cake, Mickey Mouse sugar cookies (similar to the one I made for a previous post), and Team USA men's basketball jersey sugar cookies.

Mickey top view: buttercream icing all aroud, but Mickey's face is made from fondant and painted with food color gel mixed with vodka (gives you that sheen)

Side view: "Happy Birthday Noah"

Side view
Team USA men's basketball sugar cookies (number 15 is Carmelo Anthony's jersey)
What can you say about my Mickey Mouse cake? I think it looks very "Mickey." I'm very proud of it.

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