July 24, 2012

Another catch up post: July edition

I've been caught up with a lot of things and didn't have the time to post my recent projects here, so this is another catch up post. By the way, I am sorry for the quality of pictures. I am just using my Blackberry phone since it's the quickest way to get pictures (and I don't want sugar and flour on my DSLR).

Kids can never seem to get tired of Angry Birds. I've made Angry Birds cakes and cupcakes so many times before that I could make the characters with my eyes closed. Really. This month, I made these adorable characters for three separate kids.

A 7-inch round chocolate cake (above) and cupcakes (below) for Jul Althea
An 8-inch vanilla cake for Mark
My third set of Angry Birds cupcake were served with a dozen of Plants vs. Zombies cupcakes. Check out this fabulous photo from the party planner.

birthday cupcakes
PvZ cupcakes
I also made a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" fondant cake topper for a friend.
fondant cake topper

I also made two cakes with people figures. One had a witch and a black cat on top.

The witch figure

Black cat (actually also made a black mouse)

The witch with her broom, black cat, and a small mouse
I made a full-bodied grandpa figure too!

Looks like a very kind-hearted grandfather

Drying on top of a styrofoam ball

Happy Birthday. You're the best Grandpa
I also made a Ben10 cake and cupcakes and some baby girl cupcakes.
For baby girl

I also made a cake for a lady.
Red purse, phone, makeup, a watch, and eau de parfum
Last but not the least, some Minnie and Mickey Mouse and lady bug sugar cookies.
Outlining Mickey and Minnie sugar cookies

Finally filled in!
sugar cookies
Lady bugs

Lady bugs, up close and personal

Finally finished with my catch up post! Whew!

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  1. supah talented ka kaau khy ha. grabeh. tinnie winnie kaau ang mga details sa cake.


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