May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I was very busy for mothers'day since I got a bunch of orders that left me drained out at the end of the day:
Mothers' Day cookies with personalized messages...I made 50 pieces of these

Tulip cookies...I made 25 pieces of these

Made for the sweet couple Kevz and Emz for their mothers...I made three of these

Sunflower cake for mom

Flower bouquet cake
I also made two 6-inch rounds of banana cake with cream cheese frosting plus two other small chocolate cakes. Aside from that, I had to make 100 pieces of baby-themed sugar cookies for a baptism. Check out the pictures:
Cutesy pink onesies

Aquamarine horses

Wew!!! I was just so glad I was able to make everything in time!

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