May 21, 2012

Barbie cakes for two straight days

It's the weekend of Barbie cakes. The first one I made was pink in color, and the second one was gold. They were both pretty, but the first Barbie cake's buttercream swirls started to melt because of the extremely hot weather. (See photo of the first one here.) I got pretty unhappy with how it turned out. I made that cake on Friday. The second cake I made on Saturday. Before I started frosting, I tried to think really hard to find a remedy for the melting buttercream. All of a sudden, I had a Eureka moment. Of course! Why not place a tablespoon of meringue powder? That's going to harden the frosting a bit! It'll work just as it works for sugar cookies, I told myself. Well, I was right. The second Barbie cake came out prettier.
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The cake was jiggling on my way to the kid's house, but the buttercream never melted. Problem solved for me!

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