March 13, 2012

A very late post

It's been two months since I made this blog out of the blue. After the first ever post two months ago, I did not write again and completely forgot about this blog, login details included. That is always my problem. I forget about all the blogs that I start. I swear, I think I have over 20 of them littered all over the Internet since blogging first became popular.

Anyway, I suddenly remembered this blog, and I thought "Why not become a full-pledged blogger from now on?" That has always been my plan anyway, but I never really got to see it through. Well, I didn't have a decent internet connection before (I only got a wired connection June of last year), and as I have mentioned, I have a problem of not being able to see my blogs through. I now would like to change that especially since I have become "more interesting," in my opinion. Why? Because I just became artsy-craftsy more than ever, that's why!

I just want to share my creativity to the world through this blog. Ever since I quit my job (which was a good move despite the fact that I had to say good bye to a regular paycheck), I had more time in my hands to do what I want to do, and I have never been happier. That is why I want to share my source of personal happiness to the world through this blog. Here's a sample of what I made that made me extremely happy two weeks ago:

You'll see more of the things that I made and I'll be making in this blog. I hope to gather some fans who'll appreciate my creativity!

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  1. hi there! i know it's a very late comment but don't you dare stop me. :-) i just want you to know that ever since the cupcake began am already a fan of yours. :-) you inspire me most of the time and do continue to inspire other people. what a heavenly feeling having you around on the blogspot.


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